The TAP whisky experience

Private tastings made for both beginners and whisky buffs

Are you new to the world of whisky? Do you want to find out why so many people are fascinated by it?
Do you want to organise a fun event for you and your friends, colleagues or business partners?
Or have you been into whisky for years already and just can’t miss any opportunities to learn a bit more?

Your TAP whisky tasting is designed to match your expertise and level of interest. You won’t be overwhelmed with scientific terms straight away if you’re new or if you just want to have a relaxed whisky exploration session. Additionally I won’t bore the advanced whisky lovers with repeating the same basic facts they heard before. Together we can uncover the more specific facts that you are looking for.

The benefit of private whisky tastings is that the individual preferences and interests can be matched perfectly. This ensures a pleasant event for everybody involved and guarantees the most satisfying outcome.

What your tasting includes

During your private whisky tasting you will try 6 whiskies from a range of different flavour profiles. While enjoying the variety of flavours we discover more about the whiskies you’re tasting and their distilleries. Together we explore other aspects of Scotch whisky such as whisky production, where all the flavours come from, what influence the right casks have on whisky, history and much more.

Each TAP whisky tasting is a flowing process and there will be no generic scripts. I cover a bit of everything and aim to give you a good overview. If you want to hear more about something in particular, please give me a shout and we can focus on it together.
And if you know beforehand that you have preferences for what you want to learn more about please let me know when you book so I can ensure your full satisfaction. The last thing I want is to just talk and talk randomly for myself. It is your time and I want you to enjoy it at its most by giving you the best attention and experience possible.

TAP First Timers
Blind Whisky Tasting

6 whiskies
£25 per person
60-90 minutes

Designed for people new to TAP

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What makes TAP different from other tastings?

1. Blind Tasting

To avoid confusion: No, you won’t be blindfolded during your TAP whisky tasting! Tasting “blind” is a specific method of tasting whisky to ensure a 100% neutral approach for each dram. To achieve that, all information such as name, distillery, casks for maturation, age and even colour is hidden from you until after each round. The whisky industry uses this method for awards and rankings of whiskies regularly. Judges have to vote for whiskies based on their taste alone and without being influenced by distillery names or brands.

While it seems clear why we cover up labels and branding, you might wonder why we also hide the colour of each whisky. In fact, the colour of a whisky can give you information about its production which furthermore can make you expect certain flavours. On the other hand if colouring has been added to this whisky, it will let you make wrong assumptions as well. Both cases are not what we want!
That’s why we use specially coloured glasses in our tastings. Not only is the shape of each glass designed to reveal all of the complex flavours in your whisky. But the blue colour also masks the colour of each dram.

All these aspects aside: You will have a lot of fun guessing and wondering what the liquid in your glass might be.

4 different coloured whisky in our blue tasting glasses

2. Collective Tasting Notes

Describe your whisky and let the world know what you think!

Tasting notes are notes people write down when they taste a whisky, focusing on different aspects. Everyone has a slightly different system for it, but essentially they all come down to the following components:

Nose: What aromas can you smell in your whisky?
Palate: What do you taste? What flavours form in your mouth while drinking?
Finish: What flavours and sensations remain and for how long?

During your TAP whisky tasting I will ask you to write down what you smell and taste. No need to panic though! You do not need any experience to do that. It’s much easier than you think. Simply write down what comes to your mind when smelling or tasting the whisky in front of you.
I designed an easy way to submit your tasting notes through an online form, available right from your smartphone. It is easy to understand and skips the use of pen and paper, making this a very quick, simple and modern way to write tasting notes.

Subjectivity of flavours

Your tasting notes basically summarise your impressions of the aroma and flavour of each whisky you taste. I can assure you that you will discover a lot of interesting flavours much more consciously when you start doing this.

Since taste and smell are very subjective matters it is inevitable that people have different opinions about the flavours of whiskies. Which means: Everybodies tasting notes will be very different, too.
After you wrote down your tasting notes, they are combined online and presented to you. You can see what most people of your group tasted and how much the variety of flavours branched out. Are there certain flavours you all found in your dram? Or have all your perceptions been totally different? The discussions after the reveal is very entertaining and will surely spark your interest!

Be part of a world's first!

By combining people’s tasting notes we can see what most people taste and smell in the same whisky. This way we see the “real” flavour of whisky by showing what most people get and not just a single, subjective description. The more opinions and thoughts you compare under the same conditions, the more universally agreeable they are.
Everyone who tries a dram in a TAP whisky tasting can leave a mark. You can shape the perception of that specific dram for future references.

Your tasting notes are collected anonymously and combined in a whisky database. This database, built from your collective tasting notes, helps people find objective information about each whisky without its descriptions being influenced by preconceptions or marketing.
No more scrolling through a long list of different forums to get a general idea of what people think about your whisky, all information will be available right here!

3. Independence

The Absolute Programme is not commissioned by producing whisky companies or distilleries. My goal is not to sell you as much whisky as possible. I do not aim to form your opinions regarding brands, neither positively nor negatively.

Your TAP whisky tasting is designed to encourage you to form your own opinions, find your own taste. I want to encourage you to approach every whisky with the same amount of respect for the craft behind its creation. Nobody judges you if you ask questions or if you end up not liking certain drams. Offering a unique, memorable whisky experience to you is TAP’s most important goal. I’m sure that you will take valuable knowledge and fun memories out of your tasting session.

TAP offers you an independent and unbiased opportunity to get together as a community of whisky fans (or fans to be) and be an active part in the industry with your tasting notes. You will learn more, get directly involved and most importantly:

You will have a great time exploring and discovering splendid whiskies together!