Blind whisky tastings - The absolute experience!

TAP Blind Whisky Tasting

Coloured whisky tasting glass

Taste delicious mystery drams and learn more about Scotch whisky in a truly unique tasting experience!
Designed for both beginners and advanced whisky lovers and with a modern twist to make you part of the Scotch whisky community.

Want to read more about whisky?

Scotch whisky prodcution

Discover the secrets of Scotch whisky production!
Learn about the ingredients to make whisky, have a look at fermentation or distillation and uncover the influence of the right casks for the complex flavours of your whisky.

Why the TAP whisky tasting?

  • Years of experience working in whisky bars, attending whisky tastings and learning directly from distilleries. I leave no stones unturned to learn more about Scotch whisky every day.
  • Passion is everything! True interest and love for what I do will connect with you and let you go home with a big smile on your face.
  • Easy, modern and inclusive! Enjoy an engaging environment with like minded people of every age.
  • Interactive! Tastings are neither a lecture nor a one man show. Open discussions and exchange of opinions are highly encouraged.
  • Neutral and independent! TAP is always neutral towards brands, 100% honest and focused on facts and passion for whisky only. No whisky brand influence or sales pitches!
  • Be part of a world's first! Describe the taste of your whiskies and leave your mark in the first collective tasting notes. Your words, your opinion, no judgements!
  • Tons of information surrounding Scotch whisky production, its history, distillery background, how specific flavours come into your glass and much more!
  • Discover! Wide ranges of different Scotch whiskies to be explored and give you a great overview of what this spirit has to offer.
  • Mystery of the unknown! Tasting blind is exciting and will light up your senses on a whole new level. Discussions and surprises guaranteed!
Blue whisky tasting glass and different whiskies

Everyone can take part!

  • Beginners: Easily understandable introduction of the world of Scotch whisky with simple terminology and step by step explanations. Great for people with zero or little knowledge around whisky!
  • Advanced: In depth information to help you discover more about your favourite spirit without getting bored by the usual facts you have heard a thousand times before. Perfect to deepen your existing knowledge ins specially picked fields of interest!
  • Local whisky fans have a top tasting experience right next door!
  • Tourists exploring Scotch whisky as part of their perfect Scotland experience. Go home with the most beautiful memories and a new discovered love for whisky.
  • Businesses looking for fun team building activities out of the ordinary. Your business partners will be thankful for this unique experience!
  • Hotels, bars and restaurant wishing to educate their staff in an unusual and engaging way or simply to enjoy being on the other side of the table!